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5 gallon dirt substrate

5 gallon dirt substrate

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Dirt substrate for a 5 gallon tank. Mix with dechlorinated water, or existing tank water if available, until "mud pie" consistency. Be sure it's not so wet as to allow standing water. Drain off any standing water. Allow this mixture to sit for a minimum of two hours, ideally overnight, then carefully place in the bottom of your tank and spread evenly. Ensure there are no air pockets. Be sure to cap with 2" of inert sand, such as pool filter sand. Do not plant deep enough so that new plant roots touch dirt, plant one inch into the sand layer. Contains the proper mix of humic materials, soils, and nutrients to allow waste to properly break down and become nutritionally available, balance pH, give a perfect environment for microbes, and will provide nutrients for your plants year after year. There is no need to use root tabs with this substrate. Contains soil mix and Father Fish supplements, ready to use straight from the bag. Never baked/sterilized, 100% natural and organic.

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