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Sulawesi Malawa Shrimp 8 pack

Sulawesi Malawa Shrimp 8 pack

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8 pack of malawa shrimp. An extremely hardy and peaceful shrimp, malawa shrimp come from the islands of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Lifespan is 1-2 years, typically reaching around an inch in size. They can handle a wide range of water parameters and adapt very well, however, stability in their environment is important. They will happily graze on algae and biofilm in the tank, consuming excess waste and keeping your environment healthy. They will not interbreed with other shrimp species and can be kept with neocaridinas and other caridina species without worry of hybridization. They are outgoing in nature, gracefully swimming out in the open, however this can make them a target for larger fish, so bear in mind their tank mates. They are not territorial and prefer to be in larger groups. The color ranges from clear with dark spots and stripes to sky blue to rusty red/brown. These colors occur naturally without culling. Ideal water parameters are a pH of between 7.0 and 8.5, GH 4-15 and KH 1-10. The shrimp do not require a heater and thrive at room temperatures between 65 and 80° Fahrenheit. Do not allow water temperatures to exceed 89°F. They will adapt to most water conditions, but maintain stability; drip acclimation recommended. Recommended minimum tank size of 5 gallons, but can work well in heavily planted smaller containers. Excellent for community tanks. Perfect for both beginners and advanced aquarists. DOA guarantee with picture proof within two hours of delivery. Guaranteed mix of males and females. Keep weather in mind when ordering, they cannot tolerate excessive heat or cold

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