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30 Ramshorn Snail pack

30 Ramshorn Snail pack

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Pack of 30 snails, varying sizes. An extremely hardy and adaptable snail, the ramshorn is a fantastic addition to any cleanup crew. They will readily eat decaying plant matter, dead organisms, and algae. They will not eat healthy plants, preferring dead material instead. Their populations are dependent upon available food in the tank; if there is a population explosion, simply lessen the amount of food going into the tank and the population will balance out. These snails chomp through fish waste, turning it into a form more readily available for your plants, playing a vital role in any ecosystem aquarium. They require some hardness in their water for proper shell formation but seem to adapt to most water conditions without issues. These snails are hermaphroditic, so no guarantee of males and females since all that's needed is two in order to reproduce. Great food for puffers. Lifespan is around 1 year. Keep weather in mind when ordering, they cannot tolerate excessive heat or cold

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