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Blue Neocaridina 8 pack

Blue Neocaridina 8 pack

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8 pack of blue neocaridinas. An excellent shrimp for beginners and advanced aquarists alike, these hardy shrimp will add a burst of color to your environment. They happily graze on biofilm, algae, decaying plants, fish waste, and dead organisms. In a seasoned planted aquarium, there is typically no need to feed them specifically. They are quite hardy but drip acclimation is still recommended for any shrimp. They thrive at room temperatures and do not require a heater, but do not let the temperature rise higher than 89°F. 68-74°F is perfect for them. Try to keep the pH between 6.4 and 8.0, KH 0-8, GH 4-14. This species breeds quickly and will provide a very efficient and entertaining cleanup crew for your planted tank. Be wary of larger tank mates, as their bright coloration could make them a tempting meal for larger fish but should be fine kept with nano fish in planted community tanks. Guaranteed mix of males and females, DOA guarantee with picture proof within 2 hours of delivery. Keep weather in mind when ordering, they cannot tolerate excessive heat or cold

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